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Five Best Foods For Anti Aging Process

December 11, 2011 1 comment

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Methods to get healthy skin and youthful looks lies in the food you eat when you go on a diet, and it was very helpful in realizing your dream is skin that looks younger than your actual age. Avoiding direct sunlight excessive also influential, but several dermatologist believes that consuming improper foods can cause inflammation in skin cells which in turn causes inflammation that resulted in the emergence of wrinkles on the skin, the skin looks more sagging and premature aging.

If we talk about healthy aging, one of the important factors we must consider the factors of proper nutrition. What is clear, one’s lifestyle has a very important role. For example, when you prefer to drink coffee and eat donuts from the consumption of fruits and vegetables, of the nutrients in your body are lower. Fortunately, there are healthy food solutions to help you avoid premature aging. Selection of the right foods is an important factor to prevent premature aging in a healthy manner. This article will help you in choosing the right foods and also healthy. Read more…


Cindy Crawford Skin Care – Between the price and quality!

December 7, 2011 1 comment


At the present or future, we will see a “miracle” of a beauty product or skin care products launched by cosmetic manufacturers are supported by top artists famous or important figures from around the world. One of the many beauty products or skin care products on the market, the claim to have anti-aging effects of the best in its class, including skin care products labeled of Cindy Crawford Skin Care. The product is claimed to be the products of formulations of antioxidants which are very rare and very strong.

Secret Beyond the product “Cindy Crawford Skin Care”

Cindy Crawford Skin Care is a kind of beauty products that was founded by top actress and former supermodel well known, namely Cindy Crawford in collaboration with a dermatologist, Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh. Schedule of activities is very dense since Cindy was young, over the years making it look tired because of his career. Everyday he used make-up on the way from one city to another city. These activities cause effects on the skin. When Cindy was in France, he met with Dr. Sebagh who use the formula on their skin beauty dermatologist. Read more…

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