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Do not be afraid

November 5, 2011 1 comment

At the moment we, fearful of losing what we already have. Hold it firmly, hide it so securely. So that others can not pick it, even touch it. With pride, we flaunt to the world, that it belongs to us. No one can take it. Therefore, it belongs to us.

If you think that you have everything, be it money galore, luxury homes, promising jobs, or a beautiful girlfriend … So I would say to you that it’s just “an illusion”. And it all will disappear from your life in just “one blow” …. Yes, one blow. Read more…


Believe in ourselves

November 4, 2011 Leave a comment

In our lives, there may be days when we get things that do not fit with what we expect.

That is a good time for us to be confident and optimistic that things are not in accordance with our expectations will change for the better.

There are times when we are let down by our friends, and lowering our self-esteem. Leaving us in misery without the slightest mercy.

It was then that we must remind ourselves to better trust our own judgments and opinions, in order to continue our lives and stay focused on our goals. Read more…

overclocking my brain

October 15, 2011 Leave a comment

Last night I learned to speak the English language with a lot of friends through mirc. Due to hard drive capacity in my brain is limited, there are some words that I do not know what that means :(. In addition, the processor of my brain still using pentium 2 that have limited capacity in terms of speed of processing data (word or phrase) that comes into my brain. So take a little longer to understand words or sentences are :(. Not to mention, my brain Ram capacity is small, only 128 Mb, So the ability to accommodate data while (remember the words, sentences) are also getting a bit :(. And no less important, the graphics card which bits of my brain was very small, effect on the sentence that I wrote (text becomes blurred and unclear meaning) X_X.

The solution is only one, I have to do overclocking on my brain in order to more quickly understand words or sentences, considering the meaning of the word in large quantities, to accommodate words and sentences in large numbers, and also in order to create a beautiful sentence (obviously) and do not obscure meaning :D. And it can only be achieved by learning and continuous learning, and keep the spirit without the relentless :).

Hopefully with the way before, my brain can be a maximum performance. What’s more, I hope my brain does not error, let alone to hang. Can be serious later on, should reinstall the brain :D. Especially at this time I do not have a master backup of  brain, both the original and the pirated versions. Lol.

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Easy job but feels heavy, the 2nd part

October 13, 2011 Leave a comment

Yesterday I made a post about the difficulty of doing the easy thing here, and try to fix it. But it is not easy. Especially for those times now, because at the same time I had to learn the various blogging service that his number is more than a hundred pieces. Then I have to create a blog on each of the blogging service with a deadline of tomorrow Sunday. Read more…

Easy job but feels heavy, the 1’st part

October 10, 2011 1 comment

Already some of these days I do not make a post for my blog, because there is no idea that comes to my mind :(. Everytime i think of something to post material, none of which gained. The longer I think, instead of getting an idea, but instead my head became dizzy. For hours I sat in front of the computer to think of an idea but results are not there.

It feels heavy in creating a post if we have to think of the idea first. In contrast, if an existing topic. If the topic already exist, we only need to develop an idea or topic before, and it’s not too difficult.
Here’s the result if our minds are not accustomed to think or think about something. Our minds will not develop, and worse will make us lazy to think.

Now I just realized the importance of using our minds, to look for new ideas or use our minds to learn something we consider important and useful for us. And when it is time to start from scratch again. Optimizing the performance of our minds or hone our minds back, to be able to create new ideas. I am well aware of this if the job is not easy, but if not done soon it will make our brains do not develop. For that I will do it slowly but surely. And I’m sure, if we are serious about trying, God will surely help us. So we will be facilitated, as long as we are sure of ourselves, and not lazy anymore :).

Trying to use muscle power

October 6, 2011 Leave a comment

This morning my brother and I, were told to move the sand by my father from the field to the west of my house into the yard of my home in the east. Apparently the work was not as easy as I imagined. For people like me who rarely do the heavy work, of course it was heavy work, especially the amount of sand that must be moved very much. Therefore, my brother and I tried to move it by using a sack of sand borne along in order to feel lighter. And it turns out, despite using such means, it still feels heavy for us. When it came on the tenth sack, hands and feet I have felt sore all. Then we decided to rest a little.

While resting I was thinking, if I lose in terms of muscle, I should have won in the brain. Means I have to try to maximize my brain, which means that I have to learn and keep learning. If I am lazy to learn something, then I am including the useless fools.

What should I do now is take advantage of the time, so as not wasted with useless. That means I have to continue to use the time well, to study and learn something useful for me so that later also useful for others, God willing.

Which is more important, a younger brother or our favorite motorcycle?

October 5, 2011 4 comments

motorku sayang motorku malang 1Yesterday, On Tuesday afternoon, I along with my brother came home from seeing the computer at the JEC exhibition. On the way home when we arrived at the east entrance of our village, we saw many little children were gathered. Among them there are some children who ride a motorcycle, one of which is my little brother who brought my favorite motorcycle.
Since that time it was afternoon, I had told my little brother to come home with me. But when I got home, my little brother did not come home, probably still hanging out with friends. About half an hour later, our family saw our little sister go home, crying and holding his right hand that bleeds. Read more…

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