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Writing by Hand

December 1, 2011 1 comment

Your journey into the creative mind (Penguin, 1997): I found these words by Julia Cameron, veins of gold.

Writing by hand is like walking from somewhere in the car instead of ringing. We find the monument. We maintain a sense of direction … not always desirable speed. In addition to our speed, and follow the process to provide a range and depth … writing by hand allows us to further study this week we take … We see that how you feel Please. Please see our lives the way our fingers.

I began thinking about entering the world of writing, and I noticed a piece of paper and start scribbling ideas in a mess between my class in high school. Such writing – with no clear direction or a particular form – to explore the views of my life I had both the forums and personal way to relax. I had a new passionate and stubborn than had been known until now I have to find “I” has started. Later, the hair eventually evolve into a notebook, he dedicated the first poem I ever wrote. Read more…


How to improve your writing

November 30, 2011 Leave a comment

The difficult part of writing probably started. We are all in place, remember not to know whether or not to start if the starter or inexperienced writers and how professional and skilled.

Have an inner urge to post this first attempt to end the writer. But nobody is more experienced writers in the first draft is not really perfect. You can try, editing and revision at any time and will be calibrated. Graffiti is an easy way to start. We all as a child how to create, as well as how it started – we scrawl on the wall. Please write what is just in your head. Write their thoughts and feelings. Also, you can talk out your attention to the words to come out. In particular topic in mind, and do these simple activities, you can begin your story points actually do. It may look messy and cluttered look as if it is sit back and see the big picture, that white paper, are littered with ideas and thoughts are now white minute ago, you is sufficient to write the introduction. Read more…

Wrote, a business or hobby?

November 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Most writers, poetry and journal writing secretly enjoying the pure pleasure of string words together, and start young. As you get them, many of them ride their talent living in the creative sector too, the majority for the fun of it right now and lives to write, a small percentage and, as professional writers, comes from the world.

If they worked as writers and professional writers to work on hobbies and how do I know? The answer is found in a few lines of the tax law of IRS, it’s not creative, should be required reading for all writers want to make money with their creative talents.

Profit – The IRS, in business there is only one reason. The primary motivation for you, because you need to get them from your head, the famous author paper in your word, and to push a particular point of view, or perhaps a hobby writer. Potential or your business … it is up to you. Read more…

Jump start Your Writing Career

November 28, 2011 Leave a comment

I do not know about you, if you want a career in writing that you are writing in a notebook, to keep it hidden forever, does not really work for you. As a writer, I get better in your technology and, perhaps, the only way to build a career around it I think is to practice. As a hobby, however, not only as a profession, than to start writing a good way to practice or anything. You may have seen a lot of people testify how much money they got from writing on the Internet. It may seem impossible, if you know your way around, your golden ticket web will. Read more…

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