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Diabetes Basics Guide – Types, Symptoms, And How To Treat It

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The inability of a person’s body to respond and also produces insulin is a type of disease or a disorder commonly known as diabetes mellitus. The effects of this disorder will lead levels in blood glucose levels are not stable and even tended to decrease. As a result, urine is expelled from the body will look reddish due to the increased amount of glucose that mixed with urine. So for people living with diabetes will experience excessive urination and fast feel thirsty.

Literally, symptoms or signs that have been described above is termed diabetes mellitus. The term of diabetes comes from the Greek “diabainein” which means “to pass through” which refers to the excessive urination, while the term of “mellitus” comes from the Latin “sweetened with honey” which refers to the rate or amount of sugar overload.

Diabetes, in essence can be categorized into two main types namely:
1. Type 1 Diabetes (insulin-dependent) and
2. Type 2 Diabetes (non-insulin dependent).

Type 1 Diabetes, which is kind of an attack of diabetes are often found in children, because the diagnostic results indicate that children are more dominant and vulnerable to this type of diabetes disease. Genetic and environmental factors to be one major cause of illness of this type. Results from a variety of diagnoses in this case refers to the conclusion that, a person’s immune system produces the new antibodies that tend to damage cells that function in producing insulin. So that the children who suffer from this type of diabetes, per day require additional insulin injections because the patient’s body can not produce its own insulin.

Type 2 Diabetes, which is kind of an attack of diabetes that is often encountered in adults, because diagnostic results indicate that the type of the disease generally occurs when a person’s age over 40 years. These data indicate that 90% of cases of diabetes is indicated leads to this type, so it can be concluded that type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. Genetic factors and obesity is a major factor that has an important role in the development of type 2. Risk factors arising from a typical western lifestyle becomes very strong, because they tend to go on a diet by consuming foods that are low will carbohydrate but have a high fat content. One thing is interesting that, people who do not live in Westernized areas are much less likely contracted the type 2 diabetes disease, except for those who have a history of diabetes, which is derived from his family.

Gestational Diabetes is a third type of diabetes, which affects more women who have levels of high blood sugar levels during pregnancy. Indication should be monitored frequently because it can directly influence the baby. In addition, women who experience gestational diabetes type, on the next stage will be higher chances of developing type 2 diabetes.

There are several symptoms of diabetes that we must beware, among other things: excessive in feeling hungry and thirsty, urinate too often, the weight has decreased drastically, easy to anger, increasing fatigue, and vision began to blur. One of the many websites about diabetes is the “ADA” website, which is the official website of “American Diabetes Association”, which serves as a starting point informative for everyone. Through this website, we may conduct online diabetes risk test, so the presence or absence of diabetes disease risk can be determined through this test. If the test results show that we are experiencing the symptoms as above and are considered at risk of diabetes, immediately we can consult directly.

On the website “ADA” itself there are many informative articles about diabetes diseases as well as suggestions on diet and healthy lifestyle changes if we are diagnosed suffering from diabetes. If we type the keyword “Diabetes Supply” on Internet search engines, then we will find a variety of websites that contain about offering products that can be consumed by those living with diabetes according to the type of diabetes diagnosis.

There is no reason for us to be afraid. Because over the internet, we can find a wide range of advice and assistance are available for free just by using our fingertips.

Article Source: How Do You Know If You Have Diabetes?

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