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Simple Guide To Clear Acne Quickly And Accurately Just In 3 Steps

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Having a clean face of acne is the desire for all of us. Why? For if your face full of acne, we become less confident and feel our self-esteem shattered. We feel resentful and embarrassed when people see our faces full of acne with a sneer, as if acne is a kind of disease. And we become uneasy and begin to think all sorts, which in turn will only make our minds messed up, and turned into a nightmare that seemed do not want to be separated from our minds. So how do we clear up acne and freed from the nightmare? The answer is very easy and simple. Only with the tools and the right mindset, we can clear acne in one week or less.

Here are three simple steps or ways to reduce the emergence of acne in one week or less.

Clean The Bacteria which Cause of Acne By Using Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is one of a kind of popular home remedy that can be applied in our face, which is useful for killing bacteria. In addition, tea tree oil can also serve to suppress and reduce the causes of skin breakdown that often out due to acne. And this is a good drug which is suitable for cleaning bacteria that can cause acne on the face.

Drink Three Cup Of Herbal Drink

Eliminate and prevent acne came back can also be performed using medicinal plants that work from the inside out. The first thing you should do is go to the nearest store to buy figwort herb, burdock root, cleavers, red clover, and especially Echinacea. Then follow this instruction : Cook some water. While waiting for hot water, take herbs that have been purchased earlier and place in a tea strainer. After that, enter the tea strainer containing medicinal plants had been into the cup. Pour water that has been heated into the cup, and the next step is to close the cup using tin foil for a few minutes. After a few minutes, take back the tea strainer that containing the medicinal plants before and immediately drank tea while hot. If you do not like the taste of this tea, please add local honey to make it better. To get maximum results, in a day you are encouraged to drink as much as three cups of tea.

Clean your face at night using Benzoyl Peroxide

One of the best methods that can be done in a gentle cleansing at night is to use Benzoyl Peroxide (5%). This ointment is one of a kind very strong topical ointment, and it is recommended to apply on the area pimpled face every night before you go to bed. Ointment is useful to open the pores on your face and sucks out from the blackheads. This is to eliminate bacteria trapped in the skin. Just remember one thing, use it in a small amount of ointment. Once we put this ointment on the skin, it will dry in the areas smeared by it. But after we clean our face gently in the morning, it will encourage new skin cell growth that will help clean our skin.

Article Source: How To Clear Up Acne Fast and Effectively

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