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Factors Causing Asthma Disease and its Control Method

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One of the many medical conditions on a person’s body is asthma, which are directly related to the respiratory tract and lungs. Around the world, this condition looks far more common and more typical for the time now compared with 50 years ago. One contributing factor is the air pollution that spreads everywhere.

It is very difficult to define the major cause of asthma because asthma itself is not yet known. What is more because there are several types of asthma are caused by factors different also. Environmental conditions and its elements are considered as the key cause of asthma is not known if a specific allergen. The number of asthmatics is increasing, especially in big cities become one of the evidence that environmental conditions be one of the factors causing asthma. In rural areas did not escape from this condition due to worsening air quality caused by environmental pollution.

Many of the environment variable does not just cause an asthma attack directly, but can worsen the situation. One of the most significant example is cigarettes, which contain harmful toxins and have a direct impact on the breath, both for the smoker himself or those around him. Although not currently suffer from asthma, smokers are still susceptible to various diseases, small examples are coughing or sneezing. Can we imagine how the effect of smoking on those who are having a real condition of asthma. The first factor in controlling asthma is to stop smoking and keep ourselves from dirty and polluted environment, whether it was caused by smoke or the other.

There are many symptoms are so severe in some cases of asthma so that if not controlled will threaten their lives who experience it. In a rapidly relieve the symptoms of asthma, the asthma inhaler is recommended to have access to the types of drugs are best to be implemented quickly if needed. Thus facilitate the release of salbutamol. The persistence of the old drug can help in reducing the attack rate, so it is advisable to keep prescription drugs through inhalers are strictly distributed.

If we have got an effective diagnosis and start applying the methods of treatment that has been recommended, of course the result will be better. Stopping smoking is very difficult to implement, but it is so important. Hypnosis is one way that can be traveled in overcoming the habit of smoking seriously.

Research about asthma and learn the facts surrounding allows us to address the problems of living a normal life, plus the number of media information that is available online. So that reports on diagnosis and treatment methods for asthma can be found with a quick, precise, and more accurate. Such information is very valuable to us as a reference for us to apply. Moreover, the reference comes from experts who have the authority and understanding of asthma.

Article Source: Treating and Controlling Asthma

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