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One Way to Finish What We Start

October 27, 2011 1 comment

Already some of these days I busy with my job, makes the book on my final assignment, as a personal archive after my graduation day. Yet, even to date not yet i can finish it.

And today I sat in front of my laptop for hours just to write this post. During that time, already eight cigarettes that I have suction. Well, that’s me. Sometimes I can not concentrate if not while smoking. Lol.

In the first few hours I managed to write several pages, but sometimes the results are less good. So I have to delete and edit pages earlier. And so on. If in a few hours I’ve started to feel bored, I was immediately stopped my work and rest awhile. Read more…

Forgot where parked motorcycles, Dammit!

October 20, 2011 Leave a comment

This morning about six o’clock I got a call from my friend from Temanggung, and invited me to meet on campus at eight o’clock, to discuss job openings. At first I refused because it was still sleepy, let alone last night I stayed up till late at night, so that morning I plan to sleep until noon. Lol. But that my friend was not disappointed, I told my friend to come over to my house if he wanted to discuss employment issues. But my friend was refused on the grounds at this time he was in solo. So he asked me to meet on campus only, as well as ask for proof of graduation from college. Well what can make, with a little forced, I agree. Read more…

Damaged motorcycle makes me hassles

October 12, 2011 1 comment

Wednesday last week I wrote about my bike broken here, and now I will tell you about the consequences of the incident.

Already this week my motorcycle can not be used anywhere because a motorcycle handlebar steering and rear lights were badly damaged. As a result I can not go anywhere, let alone go to school to take care of my graduation. 😦
Actually I want to fix the handlebar steering and bought a set of new rear lights, but quite expensive. If I buy an imitation spare parts, I fear will be broken for spare parts which are usually poor quality imitations. Finally I just put motorbike in the garage for a week more. Though there still exist two motorbikes are equally corrupt. Which one is damaged because of my modifications, and the other damaged by not using that long 😦 Read more…

Easy job but feels heavy, the 1’st part

October 10, 2011 1 comment

Already some of these days I do not make a post for my blog, because there is no idea that comes to my mind :(. Everytime i think of something to post material, none of which gained. The longer I think, instead of getting an idea, but instead my head became dizzy. For hours I sat in front of the computer to think of an idea but results are not there.

It feels heavy in creating a post if we have to think of the idea first. In contrast, if an existing topic. If the topic already exist, we only need to develop an idea or topic before, and it’s not too difficult.
Here’s the result if our minds are not accustomed to think or think about something. Our minds will not develop, and worse will make us lazy to think.

Now I just realized the importance of using our minds, to look for new ideas or use our minds to learn something we consider important and useful for us. And when it is time to start from scratch again. Optimizing the performance of our minds or hone our minds back, to be able to create new ideas. I am well aware of this if the job is not easy, but if not done soon it will make our brains do not develop. For that I will do it slowly but surely. And I’m sure, if we are serious about trying, God will surely help us. So we will be facilitated, as long as we are sure of ourselves, and not lazy anymore :).

move the Sand

October 7, 2011 2 comments

Today is a pretty exhausting for me, why?? How could I not, if I move the sand yesterday with my brother, this morning I had to move the sand alone, without help anyone.
At five-thirty I’ve started to move the sand because the sand was moving last time very little sand is successfully transferred. Though the sand must be moved all into the garden beside the house to make a guardrail. That’s why today I have to wake up early and started to move the sand little by little so fast growing that much sand  was moved successfully.

Actually I’m lazy to move the sand early in the morning to remember the morning that blows air touching my skin feels cold. But what may make, if I did not start moving sand, which should rapidly course work completed will be a long completion. Read more…

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