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Where is the most suitable place to relax do you think?

October 29, 2011 2 comments

Everyone has their own definition about the most suitable place to relax, let go of fatigue caused by our daily activities. Especially for us who are preoccupied with affairs or very time-consuming job. Sure over time we will be saturated, and it’s very reasonable.

Do you also have experienced such conditions? surely the answer is “yes”. Because we are not machines, which can be monotonous work all the time as instructed. We could not possibly be like that (and probably do not want to be like that), long as we still have a sense or feeling. Read more…

Sunday morning is so bright

October 9, 2011 2 comments

Today is the day of week, day of the most eagerly awaited by almost everyone to relax in order to eliminate all the boredom and fatigue of all the daily activities of most people. Whether it’s a way to relax at home, a vacation to a place, or just walk somewhere. Which is important to clear your mind. Likewise with me, which was so bored of all daily activities are very time-consuming. Whether it’s lecturing activities, as well as other activities. Read more…

Want to go to the beach again

October 3, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s almost a year I did not vacation to the beach, so miss seeing the white sand, blue water, crashing waves or the breeze that blows along the coast. It is true, until July last June, once a week I go to the Kuwaru beach. But not a picnic, but doing research in coastal locations kuwaru as the final ingredient. So there I and my friends can not have fun like people who go to the beach.

Sunday tomorrow me and my friends will be planning a picnic to the beach. Hopefully not canceled such plans earlier. And I hope a lot of friends who participate, the more crowded and definitely not boring. Lol

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