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Writing by Hand

Your journey into the creative mind (Penguin, 1997): I found these words by Julia Cameron, veins of gold.

Writing by hand is like walking from somewhere in the car instead of ringing. We find the monument. We maintain a sense of direction … not always desirable speed. In addition to our speed, and follow the process to provide a range and depth … writing by hand allows us to further study this week we take … We see that how you feel Please. Please see our lives the way our fingers.

I began thinking about entering the world of writing, and I noticed a piece of paper and start scribbling ideas in a mess between my class in high school. Such writing – with no clear direction or a particular form – to explore the views of my life I had both the forums and personal way to relax. I had a new passionate and stubborn than had been known until now I have to find “I” has started. Later, the hair eventually evolve into a notebook, he dedicated the first poem I ever wrote.

If you are beginner, start with a simple exercise. It does not overuse his ideas is not difficult or complicated topics. For example, write a paragraph in your mind every morning. Please do not worry about it if that makes sense. The idea is to go to the flame until it can develop into something more interesting. Build on this work your way to a page or two pages. This exercise helps develop the ability to communicate honestly from your heart. Write whatever comes to mind, and not despise them, it would be good material for future use. At least until you have more confidence and put the emphasis on process rather than product.

The interesting thing about this kind of writing, it inhibits you have deep feelings, attitude, desire, ambition, frustration, streets, etc. is to be made to clarify the strict format to follow. It is clear who is to be treasured and that you really are inside. And present a unique ID, the ability to save your writing is a valuable asset, you can start writing by hand.

Writing by hand, but you can be a little slow, but pay attention to the landscape and along the way you exactly stop at some point, pick up some ideas for next paragraph You are forced to question why this quality. Experienced at least 55wpm fingers because they will disappear from the keyboard, and is often little room to pause there, thinking deeply about the trip. We know that the era of technology we have laptops and other devices that burn easily and quickly, and do it once in a while, you might have it fresh

  1. December 3, 2011 at 5:27 am

    nice article, i hope i can writing like this article later, good job bro

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