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Dress up simple ideas in writing or make posts.


Anyone can write, but it’s good if you could write clearly. At least a portion of all people have the imagination and creative ideas that can be poured into the post. And it is great to learn to appreciate what’s on our minds.

Now, we can begin to rewrite the ideas that failed to be created posts for no reason or factor that inhibits. If we feel confused when we start and finish the job to write, our writing will seem confused as well (not good).

It’s important for us to learn how to write sentences that are correct and acceptable to readers of our paper. For that we must learn how to focus on our ideas, how to organize writing so that we can create clear, concise, correct writing, and very effective.

In my opinion, most people write in ways and combinations of two or three reasons alone. We can use complicated language not only to dress up a simple idea, but it could be to hide the existence of ideas. We can hide our knowledge by way of locking it, and we also hide our ideas behind the language we use, so impenetrable to those who read it.

Most new writers who have never learned how to edit the syntax becomes clear prose will become confused. And they must try to overcome it. I say this because I myself have never met anyone who was not pleased to learn the principles needed to make good writing, so it can be read clearly by readers.

Writing can be a useful process for us. We should be able to understand what we want to convey in writing with clear and concise. So the reader can understand the content of our writing with ease.

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