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Tries in the absence of hope

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.”
Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie

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“Important things”

In this world many things that are important. But not all the important things that you want can be achieved. Moreover, if we assume that these things are hard to do, beyond our ability, or perhaps precisely because we consider the important things were not useful for us. So we even ignore it, throw it far away from our minds, then forget about it.

Sometimes we underestimate something, assume it is not important, in vain if we do. Though not necessarily the things that we underestimated was really not useful to us. Precisely may be things that we think are “trivial” could be the most important thing exceed the things that we think are important.

“Constantly trying”

We just need to try, do not care about the people who belittle our efforts or the things we’re doing. Keep going and keep trying until it works, no matter how heavy or how much risk we face. Because it is part of the process towards success.

The success belongs only to those who dare to try with all hazards, no matter how much he failed. Because in his heart he believed, in every failure there are always lessons that can be taken. Lessons that will take him to success.

If we are afraid to try, we will never get anything. We do not learn anything, except just despair. And desperation will only bring us in the abyss of failure. And when it arrived, it was too late. It takes a very long time to get up, it takes an uphill battle to begin. And if we are not able to cope with the situation, that’s when we really have been destroyed.
So how do we escape from the failure and destruction? The answer is:

“Keep trying when there seems no hope at all.”

Yeah, right. While it seems no hope at all, we must keep trying and trying as much as possible, we should not give up. Surrender means defeat, and there is no place for people who easily give up. They will be eliminated from the world, a world filled with competition and the rigors of life.

And if you see people who have been successful, do not you ask them about how to succeed, but ask yourself why you do not succeed.

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