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Make impossible becomes Possible

“We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible.”
C. Malesherbes

Impossible Is Nothing


Impossible are the words we speak often unconsciously when our hearts are uncertain or pessimistic. And often times we complain if do not feel able to do so. All were the result of our habits that do not recognize the word try, fear of failure, or may be embarrassed if we are to fail.

Actually, if we want to think for a moment, the word impossible is not going to come out if we want to try, try my best, and learn from previous failures. But it becomes very difficult when we have never learned to be optimistic.

In case if we are confident and optimistic, it will greatly help us, in the sense that we are not burdened by negative thoughts of failure. And of course we become stronger and more vibrant. Thus, it is not impossible we will be able to resolve the matter.

By trying and trying, we’ll get a lot of benefit. We become accustomed to be able to solve a problem, find the right solution, and our thoughts will be more mature. Just how our perseverance.


Many things which we will get from each of our efforts as long as we believe. And it’s possible. At the very least, the experience and insights we will be growing. And it’s very important for our lives in the future. Make everything becomes possible, not to mention the things you think are not possible. Because in this world nothing is impossible, everything was possible as long as we want to try it.

Thus, it is true C. Malesherbes with the phrase, “We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible.” The phrase was a motivation for us, a reflection of our lives, and suggestions are very useful for our progress.

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