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The challenge of living determines our identity

“The challenge of life is not supposed to paralyze you, but it is supposed to help you discover who you are”
Bernice Johnson Reagon

“Do you include people who like a challenge? How big are your guts to face the challenges of your life.”


Every person has the challenge of their lives. But not everyone is able to face the challenge of his life. Why? Because everyone has their limitations in terms of courage. Yes, courage. Courage is the key condition to face a challenge. If you do not have the courage, do not ever expect to be the result of these challenges.

Challenges of life teaches us to not give in to face all circumstances. As difficult as any circumstances, we must be prepared to deal with it. If you are not ready, then you will be defeated and out of your world. And at that moment, you will realize that it was too late.

Some people are not strong to face the challenges of his life, will only let go of the situation. It never occurred at all in the mind to learn to master the situation, or seek a solution in order to conquer these challenges. And it would be very detrimental to you.

With the challenges of life, we can find our identity, and who we really are. At the moment we’ve found our identity, we will more easily take the attitude or action in accordance with our expectations.

People do not see us because they have big houses, fancy cars, or money. But see how the process or how we get it. They will find out and learn from our experiences. And that’s when we’ll feel the pride of the truth.

So, let us never give up, face the challenge of our lives. But make that challenge, we are in the process of achieving success, achieve all our dreams come true. Because the challenge of life is useful to know who we really are.

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