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Do not be afraid

At the moment we, fearful of losing what we already have. Hold it firmly, hide it so securely. So that others can not pick it, even touch it. With pride, we flaunt to the world, that it belongs to us. No one can take it. Therefore, it belongs to us.

If you think that you have everything, be it money galore, luxury homes, promising jobs, or a beautiful girlfriend … So I would say to you that it’s just “an illusion”. And it all will disappear from your life in just “one blow” …. Yes, one blow.

At the moment we are, feel uncomfortable. Feeling afraid to restart our lives, so we just tried to continue, in the midst of chaos today. Crossed our minds, that we have to start everything, start again from scratch, without bringing anything. But we are afraid, and discard anything that makes us afraid.

No one knows, when we will lose, when we never get what we want. In just a few minutes, and that’s enough to make us lose everything. We have never and will never know.

So what are we afraid of?

Let all be lost. Let them take everything. As long as our heart is still beating, during our nostrils still work fine, as long as the blood flows in our bodies, we will remain alive. We will breathe and we can get everything back, again and again. Because, if we can do it once, then we can do it again. This is just about the game, and we’re in it.

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