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Prioritizing the most important things in life

Once, there was a teacher entered the classroom with a few objects. Then the objects are placed on the teacher’s desk. When the lesson has started, without saying a word, the teacher taking a large transparent box and still empty. Then the box was filled with multiple stones (diameter about 2 inches) to the brim.

The teacher was asked his disciples, whether the box is full? They simultaneously answered “yes.”

Then the teacher had to take pebbles and poured them into the second box. Then the box was shaked-to gently, so the gravel does not exceed the box.

And the teacher asked again, what the box is full? They also agreed that if the box was full.

Not yet satisfied, the teacher took the sand and poured it into the third box to the brim. There are even some of sand scattered on the table because the box does not fit to accommodate all of the sand.

Then teachers asked once more, whether the box was full. They went back to answer a unanimous and unequivocal “Yes.”

Teachers then smiled, then said “Now I want us to imagine that this box is our life”. Then remember that :
* Stone are the things that are very important (most important), eg family, husband / wife, health, our children (those things that if everything had been lost and only those who we have, then our life will remains intact.
* The pebbles are the important things that others, such as jobs, homes, vehicles, and others.
* Sand is the little things are less important.

“If we are more priority to put the “sand” into the box”, then “there is no room for “the pebbles” or “the rocks”.
The same is true in our lives. If we spend all our time and energy on the little things, then we do not will never have room to do things that are important to our lives.

Consider and understand the things most important to our happiness. Then make it our top priority. Choose the “stone”, because it is the things that really matter to us. Let us not prioritize “pebble”, let alone “the sand”.

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