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Learn from Mistakes

Is Thomas Alva Edison, a scientist who had conducted the experiment as much as two thousand different materials when searching for a filament to create a light bulb. When all the experiments had not worked satisfactorily, his assistant complained and said, “All the work we have done is in vain. We do not learn anything from this experiment.”

With full confidence, Edison replied, “one thing is for sure. We have to walk very far and we have learned many things. We all know that there are two thousand elements which we can not use to make a good light bulb”.

From the story above, we may conclude that, “there is no work in vain, for we are unyielding in the face of many trials”. Failure is not the end of it all, melainkah beginning of a success.

In this world nothing gained success instantly, all through a long process and full of obstacles. And the failure is reasonable, because it is a process from the beginning of our success. Just how we try. Remember one thing, “in a pile of problems, there tucked into a settlement”.

So do not ever give up. Surrender means fail, and you will not get anything. Learn from your failures, you will undoubtedly find the solution of the problem. And while it is you will feel the joy and satisfaction. Some people argue that “satisfaction is not when we are successful, but when we are in the process”. And I agree with that opinion, how about you?

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