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Activities are suitable when the rain comes in the opinion of you?

Now this is the rainy season. And of course it makes us a little trouble in carrying out all our activities. Whether it’s school, college, work, and other activities. For we must be willing umbrella, coat, and others. Of course it’s very troublesome to us.

Apart from the daily activities, do you think are most suitable activities performed at the time it rains? Whether it’s sleeping, listening to music, play games, or what? If I may tend to choose option A, which is sleep. Lol.

But maybe you disagree with me, because everyone has their own arguments about their activities. And it’s not wrong, provided the activities are positive.


Yes, of course. For positive activities that will form ourselves into a useful person, and train our maturity. Hmm, I wondered about myself. Because I had already chose option A (to sleep). Lol. Does that mean I’m not an adult?

I’m not too concerned about that. Because for me, being an adult is not a necessity, but choice. (really?).

Back to the topic, do you think is a suitable activity carried out on a rainy? And whether the activity that you do it, including positive activities? I am sure many will say “sleep”. Or at least, there are some people who answered it. One of them my own. Lol. But I do not know, whether it includes a positive activity or not. (Pretend you do not know). Lol.

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