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Tips for Better Writing Habits

The beauty of a habit

The habit will turn into a beauty when we do it almost without thinking. This does not mean we should do something with carelessly and without thinking, I did not say that! The purpose of the word “without thinking” here is consistent and stay on track. And that as a reflection of a part of ourselves and our lives. It’s automatic.

Try to do something positive when we write or make posts. The first thing that will help us when it will make writing is a way to make writing about personal habits. It can be used to become a habit.

So, in the hope that these tips can help you in writing, here are some steps you can make the guidelines for Better Writing Habits.

Seven tips for better writing habits :

1. Find, create, or steal time to write
Steal a little of your time to think of an idea or topic and start to create a post in accordance idea or topic. A little time but full of concentration is much better than a lot of time but lack of concentration.

2. Having a purpose
What is the purpose of your writing? When going to make a post, we must have clear objectives. If you do not have goals, you should forget about your desire to write. Because you are only going to do the work in vain.

3. Avoid a necessity
In writing, avoid a necessity. But do it with all your heart. If you’re not ready to write, do not force it to write. For if enforced, the result is certainly not good. But if you’re eager to write, then do it with all your abilities.

4. start small
Start writing from a small and simple, do not rush to make writing difficult. Therefore instead will destroy you.

5. Be consistent
Consistent with your work. If you are consistent, you will continue to be honed abilities. And automatic, you also writing the longer it will be better.

6. measure progress
Measure your progress. The more active you write, the result would be better. And remember one thing: “Today should be better than yesterday, and tomorrow should be better than today”.

7. Finding your joy
Look for the right moment and can excite you in writing. And start writing. Because of moments like that, good or not your writing will appear.

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    November 2, 2011 at 4:30 pm

    canggih nih blognya pake english semua :mrgreen:

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  2. November 21, 2011 at 9:21 am
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