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Learning to write (create article)

Writing, for some people was very difficult. Starting from determining the topics or titles, as well as in developing the topic or title into the text. This was probably caused by the absence of ideas that comes to mind.

And if we want to take a moment to think, surely the idea would present itself.
In other words, the mind will help us in finding ideas as the basis for determining the topic of our paper.

Say there is currently no idea that comes to your mind. Then try to think about something in your life, whether it be about yourself, family, friends, your activities, as well as about the social life around your neighborhood. Summarize in your mind, then make it for a topic in your writing.

You do not need to be afraid to start, because fear will only hinder you. No matter what the results of our paper, good or bad, according to the existing grammar or not, and others. Because the results have not been important for us for now. But the seriousness of the most important.


A seriousness in doing something, it will bring good to us. With seriousness, we are trained to mature minds. And maturity is not measured by their age, but by their thoughts.

So, practice with serious writing. the more you train seriously then the result would be the better. But all of that can not be separated from a process (the length). And only the process, which will determine whether we are progressing, or possibly even decline.

But certainly, if we want really serious in trying, surely God would help us. Now just how our choices, want to serious or not. And it all depends by each of us personally.

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