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One Way to Finish What We Start

Already some of these days I busy with my job, makes the book on my final assignment, as a personal archive after my graduation day. Yet, even to date not yet i can finish it.

And today I sat in front of my laptop for hours just to write this post. During that time, already eight cigarettes that I have suction. Well, that’s me. Sometimes I can not concentrate if not while smoking. Lol.

In the first few hours I managed to write several pages, but sometimes the results are less good. So I have to delete and edit pages earlier. And so on. If in a few hours I’ve started to feel bored, I was immediately stopped my work and rest awhile.

* Sighing *

This week I focus on a schedule of new activities that I made, and see how I achieve it. My goal this week is simple : to complete the job I have started, makes the book on my final assignment.

I am happy to say that, had a few days, I’ve consistently run my schedule. And I tried to remain consistent in the coming days, (hopefully). Lol. I’ve done a good thing, that is to finish what I started. At least in completing my job.

Things I learned about myself when running my schedule is, that I can consistent doing what I started, when I focus.


Important keys that will make us able to complete a job.
Lack of focus, like writing a blog post while calling / sms, certainly would break our concentration.

Focus is a problem for me, especially when I was at home. Condition of the house is noisy and crowded could make me lose concentration and can not focus, especially during the day until night. Because at times like that, my family was home.

While I can more concentrate and focus, only if the home is in a state of quiet, like in the morning (when they were at school / work) and midnight (at the time they are at rest / sleep). So I have to use that time as best as possible. Do you also have experienced the same problems as me? And how do you overcome that obstacle.

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