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Learn to motivate ourselves in writing, for a beginner (like me)

Love in terms of writing is very important in motivating us to become a writer. But sometimes we need a bit of pressure so that we are motivated to make some writing, and it’s not a bad thing as long as we are still dominated by a feeling lazy.
Love becomes a strong foundation for the results of our writing, but our ability to be able to motivate yourself is needed here. And we should really motivate ourselves because the motivation is not just for a moment, but for a longer period of time.

Here are some methods that might help you in learning to write:

1. Trying To Appreciate Ourselves
I do not think that the purpose of writing to win an award or to obtain money. But that does not mean we do not deserve to get an award for our efforts everyday. Just keep trying and trying, and see the results. Then appreciate our work.
Appreciating ourselves to try, also means not demanding that our work will be brilliant every day. But at least we do our best for our work.

2. Be Flexible With Your Writing Schedule
If something happens outside of your schedule, you should not feel too guilty for not writing that day. Guilt is one of the behaviors that will kill motivation in an instant.

3. Do not Punish Yourself
If we are constantly punishing yourself for not writing or writings we are not as good as others, then we will just fall into a pit of hatred and despair that will eliminate all motivation. Be patient. Patience is important, so if we are impatient with yourself, take a deep breath and said: “Good job. You did it!”

4. Never Too Forcing Yourself
There are times when we were inspired by something and feel better for some hours with our creations, that’s good, because we feel the infinite energy. But when we begin to feel tense, tired eyes, and our head feels dizzy, that means we work too hard. Overtime work is not good because the motivation to work the next day used today. So, ultimately, the future work does not much better than today. If we are tired should stop for a moment to rest.

5. Write
For those of us who are beginners, if we do not feel motivated to write a poem, short stories, novels, then do not write it. Better we write something that will remind us about what motivates us to be motivated to write, and perhaps motivate others to do the same. That is what I am trying to do.

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