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Phenomena of the sky, above the Jurugan village

Maybe this is just a ordinary phenomenon for some people, because so many events that describe up something in the sky or resembling something. But because of this incident just above our village, then it becomes a unique thing. At the very least, for me personally.

The phenomenon of the sky that I mean here is a form of horizontal and vertical lines in the sky, thus forming an angle of 90 degrees and resemble a box (not the “box” band, of course. Lol). The lines it is formed in the sky because the sun is covered by something that I do not know for sure (I’m too lazy to investigate, let alone I am not an expert in the field of it. Lol). But a clear, the sun is obscured by something that resulted in the formation of a line that forms an angle of 90 degrees. So it looks like a box (again I emphasize that this is not “box” band moreover “miss” band :P)

According to a source (which is not obvious :P) the incidence is seen in the afternoon (he forgot his day and date, damn you) Lol. And when I interviewed him, he asked me to hide his identity. He said that he fear of becoming famous (he realy pretentious, most also afraid of beaten by others. Lol)

Here is a glimpse of my interview with “the inventor of sky-shaped box”:
Me : who is your name?
He : My name is (withheld)
Me : What is your job?
He : My main job is in the field of “discovery” and then sell my inventions.
Me : when did you first find the sky-shaped “box” is?
He : I am forget.
Me : Why did you forget?
He : Because I do not remember.
Me : Why you up do not remember?
He : Because I lost my memory.
Me : (damn)
Me : How did you discover the “sky-shaped box” is?
He : That time I’m trying to find a “valuable discovery”, and accidentally found “box” is.
Me : You like be the first to discover “the box”?
He : No, not at all.
Me : Why?
He : Because, a discovery that I really wanted was bottles, old newspapers, old cardboard boxes, and other junk items.
Me : (confused)
Me : What relationship bottles, old newspapers, old cardboard boxes with the discovery you this.
He : Because that’s my job actually is.
Me : What do you mean?
He : I am a scavenger
Me : (shocked)
Me : So you are not an inventor?
He : Of course not.
Me : (damn him)

If you are curious about the phenomenon photo of “shaped sky-box” above, you can see here

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