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Can not sleep well last night

Last night I could not sleep well because of a toothache. If I am usually a toothache, I just treat it with oil of cloves, or drinking Ponstan. And within a few hours will decrease the pain. But yesterday, for some reason these two drugs is like no effect. As a result I have to suffer for it. routine programs Saturday afternoon had to canceled because my condition is not possible.

Actually I wanted to revoke my teeth are sore, but I’m afraid. Not afraid when my teeth revoked, but the time in anesthetic. Because most dentists perform anesthesia by injecting. What happens if my gums were injected, while the objec tooth tremendous pain. So far I only use drugs to relieve toothache, without even once consulting a dentist.

But behind the incident, there are advantages as well. Because I’m sick, my little brother finally relented to not use a laptop during my illness. Lol.
And I also feel a little comforted because I could use a laptop as much as i want. This laptop is in fact the drug, because when using the laptop for listening to music, surfing the internet, and so forth, I forget if was a toothache.

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