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Add one bird to my collection

This afternoon when my parents came home from the wedding, stop by the house of a bird seller where my father subscribed. In that place, my father bought a bird again. And when they got home, then told me to enter a bird that had just purchased into the cage.

But, it turns out the bird that purchased by my father is white eye bird , whereas at home there were four for this type of bird. So now there are a total of five, to what the bird that much it, I thought. Well but that’s okay, it was also my father’s money. I had no right to prohibit my father bought the bird again. However, with increase of bird again, it means that my work will be increase. Damn it.

Only in one day the bird was at home, but already able to adjust. Proved to have started twittering. Even the chirping of this birds was better and more varied than the four birds that similar at my house. That means my father is not wrong in buying a bird, although in fact not the father himself who chose, but helped by others who happened to also buy a white eye bird . Good-hearted turned out that person. Lol

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