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My pet bird

For some reason today I really like pets, especially birds. And until now there are several species of birds which I kept at home. Ranging from parakeets, love bird, white eye, black starlings, gold finches, and several other bird species that deliberately do not I write because I do not know the names of these birds in the English language. Lol.

While the definition of each bird that I have is :
For parakeets, the dominant color is green with yellowish neck. Every day these birds are always singing, whether it be morning, afternoon, or evening. Sometimes even the night is also twittering. (enough to make me suffer for so can not sleep, damn it). But it does not matter, could be to scare the rats. Lol.
The next bird is a love bird. This bird I bought to replace the “bird cendet”, which I sold because it is very spoiled (it works just eat and eat) and do not want to sing. Dominant color of love bird is dark green, with blue tail and a red head (lovebird type oscar). Just like a parakeet, lovebird mine was always singing every day. And it made ​​my house more and more crowded.
My third bird is the white eye (my favorite bird) and I have four birds of this species. I love this bird is not because the birds chirping, but because of small body shape and yellowish green, and white eye ring. Maybe that’s why the bird is called a white eye. And this bird is the only my bird that does not belong to sing. But that’s okay, I’m happy just by looking at it. Especially in one cage contained four birds. So the pretty sight.
Next is a black starling (I have not had time to take a picture). As the name implies, this bird is the dominant color is black. Posture of this bird is rather big and tall, so it looks handsome. Because these birds are young, it has not been twittering properly. Perhaps in the next few months, will sing perfectly, hopefully.
The fifth bird species that I have is gold finches. This bird is the most beautiful birds compared with my other birds in terms of color. Body color of golden yellow, with red neck and black head with a crest on it. The sound of birds is no less melodious with my other birds. Unfortunately this old bird cage, thus reducing the beauty. If this new bird cage, will surely add to the beauty. So nice to see.

In addition to the birds before, I still have six more birds (four different types). But since I do not know the names of these birds in the English language, then I will not tell it here. Moreover, this time I’m lazy to write a very long article. Lol. So it only once, another time I added more. Time to go back to bed 😛

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