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Forgot where parked motorcycles, Dammit!

This morning about six o’clock I got a call from my friend from Temanggung, and invited me to meet on campus at eight o’clock, to discuss job openings. At first I refused because it was still sleepy, let alone last night I stayed up till late at night, so that morning I plan to sleep until noon. Lol. But that my friend was not disappointed, I told my friend to come over to my house if he wanted to discuss employment issues. But my friend was refused on the grounds at this time he was in solo. So he asked me to meet on campus only, as well as ask for proof of graduation from college. Well what can make, with a little forced, I agree.

Eight and a half hours I went from home to campus. Having arrived in front of the campus and into the motorcycle parking area, I was surprised. Because there is very full parking lot, until I found it difficult to park my motorcycle. Fortunately there was one student who was about to exit the parking area, so I can park my vehicle there. After parking my motorcycle, I then went to the basement because my friend was waiting for me there. On the ground I chat with my friends, which in essence is offering me a job as an operator control of television broadcasting, in a television station in the city solo. And it turns out, my friend has been accepted as an editor at the station, so he invited me to come sign up employment there. However, due to its location some distance away from my town, so I have not complied with the offer, and will think about it. After the conversation is finished, then we headed to the teaching room to ask for proof of a temporary pass from the campus. Once everything is finished, we were immediately into the parking lot to pick up our motorcycles, and returned to their homes.

Arriving in the parking lot, I was frantically looking for my bike, because I had forgotten to read the name of the block where I parked the vehicle. Want to ask my friends to help me, I am ashamed. It just be laughed at. Compelled I search alone, by browsing to each block, while remembering where I parked my vehicle. Almost an hour I was looking for it, until finally found my motorcycle. Damn it. While Cussed in the liver, I was out of the parking lot and go home.

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