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I hate my modem

This was a few days every time I browse the internet there is always a problem with my modem. Starting from the modem that heat up quickly, often an error, and the quality of materials used to make the modem was bad.
Well, maybe that’s why my modem prices are cheaper compared with other series modems. If I knew it would be like this, I certainly would not buy this modem. But I will buy a modem that costs over a modem this series but with better quality.

But what may make, I’ve already bought this modem. I will not rush to buy a new modem just because of this problem. Because in addition to wasting money, old modem to be not used anymore. While currently there is one modem unused mine. If I were to buy a new modem again, there are two unused modems. Especially at this time I’m in the process of completing graduated as a condition of graduation, and it requires no small cost.

All I can do now is try to survive by staying put on my old modem with all its limitations. I only hope that my modem is not dead. If that happens, like it or not I should buy a new modem again. And it weighed heavily on me, especially for these moments.

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