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Suffering from Toothache

A few months ago when I had lunch, there is a rather harsh leftovers stuck on one of my teeth. As a result, my teeth ache. I tried to clean up leftover food by using a needle. Apparently a lot of leftover food buildup on my teeth, even up to form tartar. I tried clean up the tartar with some difficulty. Once I managed to clean tartar, my teeth look perforated.

Three days later I experienced a tremendous toothache pain. Maybe because it’s the first time I had a toothache, so I can not strong to feel the pain. My left cheek like as hit by a hammer. I got to cry because it felt the pain (so embarrassed). My parents advised me to revoke a tooth that has holes in it. Of course I refused. Currently I have suffered, moreover when my teeth revoked. I can not imagine how miserable I am, if I was doing it.

Because I do not want my teeth revoked, my father then Bought clove oil. According to the story of many people, clove oil is very effective to treat toothache. And it’s true. A week after smearing the teeth, with clove oil, my teeth recovered. So no need to revoke the tooth. Lol.

And afternoon ago after go home from the funeral, my teeth relapsed for the second time. I feel panic when looking for the rest of clove oil, which my father bought A Few months ago. Because I did not find it, I finally told my young brother to go to the pharmacy to buy medicine toothache. Then I immediately drink drug that had purchased by my young brother, because it can not stand to feel the pain. Apparently this drug is very potent, more potent than clove oil. Only in a few hours, my teeth are not sore anymore.

And now, when I’m making an article to be posted on my blog, I do not feel disturbed again. And Certainly, I can sleep well tonight, so i can have a nice dreams.

It’s time to sleep. Lol.

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