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overclocking my brain

Last night I learned to speak the English language with a lot of friends through mirc. Due to hard drive capacity in my brain is limited, there are some words that I do not know what that means :(. In addition, the processor of my brain still using pentium 2 that have limited capacity in terms of speed of processing data (word or phrase) that comes into my brain. So take a little longer to understand words or sentences are :(. Not to mention, my brain Ram capacity is small, only 128 Mb, So the ability to accommodate data while (remember the words, sentences) are also getting a bit :(. And no less important, the graphics card which bits of my brain was very small, effect on the sentence that I wrote (text becomes blurred and unclear meaning) X_X.

The solution is only one, I have to do overclocking on my brain in order to more quickly understand words or sentences, considering the meaning of the word in large quantities, to accommodate words and sentences in large numbers, and also in order to create a beautiful sentence (obviously) and do not obscure meaning :D. And it can only be achieved by learning and continuous learning, and keep the spirit without the relentless :).

Hopefully with the way before, my brain can be a maximum performance. What’s more, I hope my brain does not error, let alone to hang. Can be serious later on, should reinstall the brain :D. Especially at this time I do not have a master backup of  brain, both the original and the pirated versions. Lol.

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