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Easy job but feels heavy, the 2nd part

Yesterday I made a post about the difficulty of doing the easy thing here, and try to fix it. But it is not easy. Especially for those times now, because at the same time I had to learn the various blogging service that his number is more than a hundred pieces. Then I have to create a blog on each of the blogging service with a deadline of tomorrow Sunday.

Not to mention the academic affairs of confiscate my time because I was obliged to make a script and its application the following research reports in hardcopy and softcopy. Then have to back and forth. Jogja-Bantul to submit a hardcopy and softcopy to the provincial government of DIY, Bappeda Bantul, Culture and Tourism Office in Bantul regency, and the Coast Kuwaru to obtain research evidence for the certificate is then handed off to my campus. In addition, I also have to ask for the signature of the supervisor, examiner, chairman of the department, as well as the rector of my university to complete the following graduation requirements. And it turns out to require only the signature is very difficult because they are busy making it very difficult to meet them. Not to mention I had to queue, because many students who are struggling to keep up the graduation in January tomorrow as I am.

After everything is finished, I still have to find a certificate-free library in my university library and also at the local library, buy books that have been determined for the title and then submitted to the university library (and was also not easy), following the TOEFL test, and so forth. And everything must be completed no later than Saturday the 15th of October tomorrow. The goal is only one, so I can graduate and get a diploma.

All was bustle busyness makes me almost no time to take care of my blog since early morning till noon I had to go to college. If I want to update the blog during the day still can not because of certain computer and an Internet connection already in use at my smallest sister. In the afternoon turns used another brother. So my chance to be able to use computers and the Internet only at night, and even then if I’m not tired because of the time-consuming daily activity. Not to mention if suddenly dropped internet connection: (. That’s why I became like a lazy updating my blog, when in fact the work of updating a blog is not difficult and does not require a long time (if there is already an idea of ​​course :D, if not? I do not know :().

I just hoped after the affairs of my lecture was over, I could have more time to update my blog as well as learning to read and write English in order the better, so there is no reason for me to twiddle lazy again at a later date.

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