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Damaged motorcycle makes me hassles

Wednesday last week I wrote about my bike broken here, and now I will tell you about the consequences of the incident.

Already this week my motorcycle can not be used anywhere because a motorcycle handlebar steering and rear lights were badly damaged. As a result I can not go anywhere, let alone go to school to take care of my graduation. 😦
Actually I want to fix the handlebar steering and bought a set of new rear lights, but quite expensive. If I buy an imitation spare parts, I fear will be broken for spare parts which are usually poor quality imitations. Finally I just put motorbike in the garage for a week more. Though there still exist two motorbikes are equally corrupt. Which one is damaged because of my modifications, and the other damaged by not using that long 😦

Every time I would go for an errand, I had to borrow my brother’s motorcycle. And that’s when my brother was not traveling. If my brother there is a need, I was forced to have to ride him. And it really annoys me because it is not free in the activity. Each will have to wait for my brother off, as well as the return. Hmm, what should have bought a new bike again: D. No! That obviously will increasingly burden my parents. I sacrifice a little better with my brother borrowed motorcycle until my motorcycle can be used again, rather than buy a new bike that will only waste a lot of money because motorcycles are now to be sufficient for our family.
I just have to be patient until there is enough money to fix my bike. if not, just use the second way is to buy a new bike 😀 But is it possible? Of course not 😀 😀 😀

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