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Tuesday, my day was very annoying

This morning I went to my first school, the SMU N 1 Sleman to ask for the stamp and signature of the chief school diploma there, as a condition of graduation following the month of January 2012. When I reached the front gate of the high school, I was intercepted by a security guard and asked what my purpose to the extent that I came to the school.
Then I explained my needs, which require the stamp and signature of the principal. Then the guard asked, when I graduated from that school. Damn, why did the security guard to ask about it. What’s his problem? (Of course I was embarrassed when I have to answer that question, Lol) But to relieve the guard, I was forced to answer it (although I’m not honest in answering it :D)

And finally I was allowed to enter the school yard and began to park my motorcycle. On the page where I parked the vehicle, there are some people who were sitting there. Looking at their clothes, it seems they are the school’s employees. I was then approached him and asked where the principal’s office because I want to ask for the stamp and signature of my diploma, and one of them answered my question by suggesting I go to space administration. Then I too would like to thank them and will soon be shown to the room earlier. But not yet had time to walk, they then asked, “what year did you graduate?”
Damn, damn, damn! The question that I hated it back up. And I was forced to re-lied by saying if I graduate in 2008. 😀

I also went a step toward the room indicated by earlier workers, namely the administrative courts. In the room I explained my needs, then submit a copy of my diploma. Officers were then asked me to wait a few minutes, and begin processing my needs were. While processing the copy of my diploma, the officer had said, “You graduated in 2001, if you legalize qualifications for promotion at your place of work?”. damn, I also feel like quipped to hear it. Do I have to lie again by saying “yes” 😦 (I thought to myself). Seeing me silent, the officer was asked again. Startled, I answered yes in a flash. Officers were then smiled as he handed my diploma already legalized it.

After receiving the diploma, I hastily said goodbye to him so as not asked all sorts of shit. Along the way home I could only mutter to myself as experienced anything like it, and vowed “this is the last time I came to the school”.

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