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My dream last night

Actually I am confused about what will make a post, because last night did not get any inspiration. Well but of today do not post at all, I’d better post just about my dream last night.

So this story, last night I dreamed the streets to a place where I do not know where it lies. And the way that point I was also met with strangers who I have not met before, but oddly enough was known as the old. We greeted each other even as well there are people who ask me to stop and then asked me to just talk. And we talked about many things.

Once satisfied to talk my resume the journey that I did not know the direction of the goal, just follow the footsteps. After a long time I arrived in a village that is foreign to me as well as the people who are in that place, but we like are familiar with each other as long as the previous trip. Everyone in the place seemed friendly and so nice to me. They entertain me with food and drink, a conversation, and some even later took me to get around in the village.

While I was busy traveling, I suddenly met with a snake. Of course I was shocked and scared, because the snake is one type of animal that I cringe. In fact not only to commissioned to analyze, the snake was even peck my leg. I also ran hard with fear. Even so scared I was until I woke up from sleep. My body had to sweat. Damn, I thought to myself. Then I rose from the bed to the kitchen to get drinks. After that then I go out and sit on the front porch smoking a cigarette to relieve my frustration because dreaming met a snake and pecked the snake.

At the time of smoking, it suddenly occurred to me about the dream I had just experienced. I kept asking myself, what exactly is the meaning of the dream I had. Because of curiosity I decided to searching on the internet perhaps there is a post about the meaning of the dream. And my guess was correct, as I was browsing, there are many websites that explain the meaning of all dreams, one of them met the snake and pecked the snake. And do you know the meaning of my dream is??

Most of the web says that if people encounter a snake and pecked the snake was a sign that the person is already close to his soul mate, or in other words, the person will soon be married. Really? So sweet. Lol. But when I continued browsing, I found a website that says that, if people encounter a snake or serpent peck, it means that people who experience these dreams are being met with the dark side. There is even a website that says that dreams are related to magic. Damn it, horrified. Differences with the previous interpretation.

Whatever, I do not really care. Because was not it is merely a dream. Dreams are only the flower bed, do not be too unbelievable. Anyway, if we always act carefully and always ask God’s protection, God willing, we will be away with things that relate to the darkness and the things that smelled of magic. Amen.

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