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move the Sand

Today is a pretty exhausting for me, why?? How could I not, if I move the sand yesterday with my brother, this morning I had to move the sand alone, without help anyone.
At five-thirty I’ve started to move the sand because the sand was moving last time very little sand is successfully transferred. Though the sand must be moved all into the garden beside the house to make a guardrail. That’s why today I have to wake up early and started to move the sand little by little so fast growing that much sand  was moved successfully.

Actually I’m lazy to move the sand early in the morning to remember the morning that blows air touching my skin feels cold. But what may make, if I did not start moving sand, which should rapidly course work completed will be a long completion.To reduce the chill morning air that touches the skin, I try to smoke a cigarette as i started moving the sand little by little. But it turns out to snuff the body continues to feel cold, worse body became limp. Perhaps because the work while smoking, so it adds even more tired and weak. But what may make, from the cold is better to continue to work while smoking. If the body has felt tired to rest, I thought to myself. In moving the sand I do with the way little by little so as not quickly exhausted. After all, if done that way, the work so not heavy. Just might need more time to move all the existing sand. Well that’s okay, what matters is complete. Moreover is not it better finishing a job although it took some time, rather than can not finish a job.

About half an hour passed, the sun began to emerge slowly from the east. Of course I feel a little relieved, because the sunlight touches the skin to neutralize the chills. So that the body becomes more fresh and powerful look. When the time-thirty o’clock in the morning, I decided to stop the activity to rest a little while. In addition, because in those hours that people have started passing by with their activities. And it’s enough to make me uncomfortable, afraid to be the center of attention. Lol. During a break, I use to drink and breakfast to restore depleted energy, so that will not quickly exhausted.

At seven o’clock I was back doing my activities, namely moving the sand. As before, I returned to work alone because my brother had to drive my youngest brother to school. it is also because my brother these days there are schedule to school to pay tuition and take care of everything related to college. In continuing this work, I do while smoking like a moment to dispel the previously saturated. No matter how many cigarettes are depleted, which is important to eliminate the tedium of working alone. Not bad, in two days it was a lot of sand that was moved successfully. And it motivated me to be able to finish my work. In contrast to yesterday when I first started, the time it felt very heavy work because of seeing so much sand that must be moved to the garden. But now the work to be felt much lighter because it was motivated when I see a lot of sand in the garden next door. But when the time nine o’clock, I finish my work because the sun is getting hot. I am not able to continue my work if in such conditions. And I planned to go back in the afternoon.

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  1. massayu
    October 11, 2011 at 1:04 pm

    what a pityw!!!! give me your link

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