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Trying to use muscle power

This morning my brother and I, were told to move the sand by my father from the field to the west of my house into the yard of my home in the east. Apparently the work was not as easy as I imagined. For people like me who rarely do the heavy work, of course it was heavy work, especially the amount of sand that must be moved very much. Therefore, my brother and I tried to move it by using a sack of sand borne along in order to feel lighter. And it turns out, despite using such means, it still feels heavy for us. When it came on the tenth sack, hands and feet I have felt sore all. Then we decided to rest a little.

While resting I was thinking, if I lose in terms of muscle, I should have won in the brain. Means I have to try to maximize my brain, which means that I have to learn and keep learning. If I am lazy to learn something, then I am including the useless fools.

What should I do now is take advantage of the time, so as not wasted with useless. That means I have to continue to use the time well, to study and learn something useful for me so that later also useful for others, God willing.

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