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This was a few weeks when I went to college and came home from college often see small children are not old enough to ride a motorcycle recklessly, even the fact there are some children who accidentally race between friends, and try to do a standing regardless of the risks.
well maybe because nowadays most families already have a motorcycle, even a few families who have more than one motorcycle. So many kids are not old enough even want to try riding a motorcycle like most adults. And this affects the other children for engaging try riding a motorcycle.
And in fact, today we meet a lot of small children ride a bike either alone or together with friends crowded. Even sometimes we find there is a motorcycle ride more than two people, even more.
And this is of course very dangerous, both for themselves and for others. Already many young children who are victims of accidents caused by riding a motorcycle. It happened of course because they’re young, do not have experience. Only with courage without regard to the risks.
In contrast to my experience as a young child. At that time, almost no small children ride a motorcycle, even if there are still very small. They mostly still have to ride a bike for a bicycle. For those who do not have a bike of course just a short walk or bike ride with his friend. Whether it when going to school or when it will play. So if we compare, the risk of riding a bike, of course much smaller than when riding a motorcycle.

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