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21092011, the day of determination

Monday, September 12th yesterday I did a final exam registration as a condition of graduation. By the staff of the office of teaching, I was told that the announcement of the final exam schedule is Monday, 19 September. But since the 19th of september I have other purposes, then I could just go to the campus on 20 September.
When I arrived at the office of the teaching and seeing the final exam schedule, how shocked I was. There is written that my final exam schedule is Wednesday 21 September 2011 at 8 am, two days after the announcement and must submit the terms of at least one day before final exams. Though usually the final test conducted two weeks after the announcement, like my friends the other. And because I was on campus on 20 September, means now is the last day of the submission deadline requirements are needed.
Since all the terms of the final exam must be submitted that day, I hurried home to take all the data will be submitted and return to campus to submit all such data. When finished, I hurried home again because I have to prepare everything for the final exam the next day.
After arriving at my house just a short rest, after that I began to relearn all the manuscripts of the research project and its final application until 12 o’clock at night because it turns out there are still some parts of the application error and should be immediately corrected. After that, I still have to make a presentation file and learn the presentation file so that when the exam tomorrow, I can perform with the best presentation. All of that just finished at 4 am, damn it. Means I’ve only got 3 hours to rest because my final exam is at 8 am.
I went to campus at 7 am and arrived at the campus around seven-thirty in the morning. Thankfully, there are still about half an hour to prepare mentally. (To be continued)

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